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Employer Account
Sign up for an employer account and have the ability to send your bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers through the o... [More]
Bartender Mixology
Learn to become a professional bartender and master the art of mixology with the bartender certification course. (40 hours)... [More]

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Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol and food safety
Add this item to the shopping cart and checkout to request an informational brochure be sent to your address.  Informati... [More]
Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol and food safety
When you order the 50/50 Responsible Serving of Alcohol for Employers Package, you will receive 50 course tokens for Responsi... [More]
Our online Bartender Mixology course teaches the techniques and skills needed by any professional bartender.  This cours... [More]
Get your Staff Certified to Bartend, or to Sell and Serve Alcohol
Get our Bartender Toolkit database! Contains everything a bartender could need - incident report forms, a comprehensive drink... [More]
Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol and food safety
The Bartender's Training Manual and Recipe Guide includes Bar Terms, Speed Drills, Commercial Drink Recipes, Garnish Guide, W... [More]
Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol and food safety
Bartender's Handbook! A comprehensive list of drink recipes and instructions on how to make them available on the go! No matt... [More]
Additional State Certifications
Rserving is approved to provide training in most states. Click on your state to learn about training requirements and see Rserving's training options and the minimum age to bartend in your state... [More]
Our Responsible Serving of Alcohol online training teaches sellers and servers techniques to serve alcohol responsibly as wel... [More]
Washington Bartender License
Rserving provides online training for Washington servers and bartenders. Train online and receive your MAST permit by mail... [More]

Bartender training and food safety training
Find online training and certification courses for alcohol sellers and servers, food handlers, and bartenders at [More]

State Approved Courses | Bartender License: Online Courses
Bartending license or permits to sell and serve alcohol in California, Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Montana, North Calina, Utah, and other states.... [More]