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Responsible Serving® of Alcohol
If your state is not listed below, this Responsible Serving® Course is the one for you. This course is set up to allow... [More]
Montana Bartender License, Certification Course
Licensing in Montana →
Alcohol Server Education Montana Online Certification Course Montana Dept. of Revenue Liquor Control Division Approved ... [More]

Bartender Mixology
Learn to become a professional bartender and master the art of mixology with the bartender certification course. (40 hours)... [More]

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Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol and food safety
Order 50 course tokens for Responsible Serving of Food for Handlers and receive 25 Waiter/Waitress Hospitality Courses and 25... [More]
Training for Responsible Serving of Alcohol and food safety
When you order the 50/50 Responsible Serving of Alcohol for Employers Package, you will receive 50 course tokens for Responsi... [More] - Get your alcohol server card online, just $7.99!
Take our state-approved online course to get your alcohol serving card, permit, license or training for just $7.99. Courses for safe food handling and bartending tips, tricks and drink mixing are also available. ... [More]
Our Waiter/Waitress Hospitality course provides training in becoming a professional server.  It covers the server's role... [More]
Wisconsin Bartend
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Advanced Knowledge Courses
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Get a SD Alcohol Server Card
If nothing motivates you more than a challenge, working as a server could be for you. This job is all about... [More]
Learn the steps to providing an efficient, quality service that ensures guests are happy throughout their entire visit To be ... [More]
Wisconsin Bartending
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Bartending Game Online
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